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PHP Web Developer based in Essex

Hello! My name is Jack and I’m a Web Developer from Essex. I’ve been tinkering with computers for most of my life, and I dived into the world of coding sometime around 2010.

Right now, I’m employed as a Developer for The Company Warehouse, where I get to work on a huge variety of problems that our clients task us with.

I’m also a co-founder of Immerse, a language learning platform aimed at intermediate-level multi-linguists. Working alongside another developer, I look after the back-end of the platform and have recently developed our new AWS-hosted, Laravel-powered REST API, serving data to our web and mobile apps. I’m rather proud of it.

Holding a degree in Engineering, I’m a problem solver through-and-through. Have a challenge for me? I’d love to have a go – get in touch.

Recent Projects

Screenshot of Immerse-App.com


More info coming soon!

Screenshot of JB Security Office

JB Security Office

More info coming soon!

Screenshot of CP-Fitness.com

CP Fitness

More info coming soon!


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